Welcome to our website. We are TriOwensboro, a local triathlon and cycling club in Owensboro, KY.  We are just a group of amateur athletes who enjoy cycling and triathlons that get together to train and race.  Look for us in our new black kits out on the road.  

New Design

We have completely updated the design of the gear for 2015.  We have a new design, new colors and some new sponsors.

Local Sponsors

Wear gear that promotes local businesses such as: Legends, Great Harvest Bread Co., Owensboro Parent/Owensboro Living Magazines, Tinius Chiropractic Center, Pigtails and Cowlicks, Cabinets Unlimited, Evan Taylor Law Offices and Dental Designs of Owensboro.

Multiple Pieces

By having Champion Systems print the gear there is a wide array of pieces available for cycling, triathlon and other sports.  Online ordering allows you to pick exactly what you want and get it.

Get Our New Gear!

The 2015 TriOwensboro Gear is now available.

This year you can place your own order through Champion Systems.

Here’s how:
-Go to:
-On the right in the team member login section enter triowensboro as the username and password.
-On the next screen enter your information to create your account for ordering.
-Begin placing your order.

If you have questions or need help email me at

Once the order window closes on May 3rd the order will be printed and sent in one group shipment. When it arrives we will sort it get it to you.

Instructions for Jersey or Shorts

  • Once signed in click ORDER under cycling jersey.
  • If you want the regular cycling jersey choose CS Tech Short Sleeve Jersey.
  • Choose your zipper length and size at the bottom of the page
  • Click order
  • Return to the main page and click ORDER under shorts
  • Choose CS cycle shorts and complete options at the bottom of the page.
  • Click order and proceed to checkout

If you would like to order other pieces or choose upgraded ones follow similar steps and click the more button to the right of the pieces to find out why they are different or special.

Instructions for other apparel C

If you want other apparel such as triathlon gear or running gear:

  • From the main page showing the cycling tops and shorts look to the left where it says “Order More”.
  • Choose the type of gear you want to look at.
  • Choose the piece you want.
  • Choose the proof you want to use.  Hint: if it has sleeves use the cycling jersey proof.  If it doesn’t have sleeves choose the second proof without sleeves.
  • Finish choosing your options
  • Hit order